Rotary Drum Dryers,Sawdust Burners,Wood Pelleting,Wood Shavings
Rotary Drum Dryers and Sawdust Burners

Energy Unlimited Inc has been manufacturing and installing sawdust
burners for over 15 years. We have supplied sawdust burners for
rotary drum dryers drying many products including, alfalfa, wood
shavings, sawdust for wood pellets and plastic lumber, shrimp
heads, bakery waste and PVC resin.
We can attach our sawdust burner to your existing rotary drum dryer
and gas burner without removing the gas burner
if the need to reuse it ever arises.
With most of our burners paying for themselves in less than a year,
the choice to switch off of natural gas is obvious .
Sawdust Burner at a wood shavings plant
Sawdust Burner installed in Oslo Norway
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